PS4 can share videos, screens – Report

Latest rumor about Sony's next-gen machine says it constantly records most recent 15 minutes of on-screen action, which can be shared online.


The PlayStation 4 rumor floodgates are spilling over. A new report at Edge states the PS4 controller's rumored "Share" button will allow gamers to publish screenshots and video across the Internet. According to sources, the PS4 hardware will constantly record the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay (at no processing cost), which gamers can then edit and share.

As was previously rumored, the sources also suggest the PS4's new controller--a total redesign--will feature a rear touchpad based on the PS Vita's existing technology. It is said to be similarly responsive.

Concerning launch timing, the PS4 will release in Japan and in the United States before the holiday season, according to the sources. A European launch will follow in early 2014, these people said, citing "distribution complexities" as a reason for the delay.

A new version and the PlayStation Eye peripheral will also be released with the PS4, the sources said, noting it will be compatible with existing PlayStation Move controllers.

As for the PS4 technical capabilities, the sources said the console will be much more developer-friendly than the PS3, due in part to the system being more PC-like. The console will boast 4GB of RAM (possibly 8GB in a final configuration), the sources said, noting it will be capable of moving data at 176GB per second.

One source reportedly familiar with both the Xbox 720 and PS4 told Edge that Sony's console will be "slightly more powerful" and "very simple to work with," though the differences between the two will be as negligible as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sony is expected to announce the PS4 at a New York City event on February 20.

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