Psy Learns To Dougie! Watch A Legendary Dancer Learn A Legendary Dance (VIDEO)

Psy picks up a new dance move -- the Dougie!

In case any of you haven't heard of "The Dougie" dance, let us bring you up to speed: The Dougie dance began waaay back in the '80s when Doug E. Fresh did the little shimmy on stage. Then in 2010, Cali Swag District released "Teach Me How To Dougie" and the world was officially swagg'n in step (you're very welcome for the "History of Dougie 101," guys).

Anyway, you're probably wondering how Psy plays into all of this, so we'll tell you: Since Psy has been busy perfecting his "ride an imaginary horse sideways" dance, the Korean mastermind behind "Gangnam Style" recently admitted to MuchMusic that he was in fact a Dougie virgin! (What irony! Hope he at least knows "The Macarena.") So of course, Psy received his very first Dougie dance lesson, and it was caught on video! PUH-RAISE the 'net!

Watch Psy learn how to Dougie after the jump!

The video catches Psy looking dapper in a tuxedo (obvs) while chatting with MuchMusic about his latest success. At first, it may look like a standard interview where he's asked the usual questions like, "Who do you want to collabo with" and "Tell us about your first tour." Then, the reporter's all, "I'm gonna teach you how to Dougie!" Psy may have recently been the dance teacher to Britney Spears and Hugh Jackman, but he's about to get schooled himself! SPOILER ALERT: The man that has perfected the invisible lasso whip has no problems picking up the hip-hop dance -- he just seems shy trying to learn it! All in all, the world is a better place knowing that Psy has another dance step in his repertoire.

+ Watch Psy learn how to Dougie.

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