Ragnarok Odyssey developers announce new PS Vita side-scroller

Game called Dokuro; developer to release demo on undisclosed date.

Gamers may recall the PS Vita-exclusive Ragnarok Odyssey, the last role-playing game developer Gamearts developed under publisher GungHo. Both companies recently announced that they will be working on another PS Vita title called Dokuro, according to the game's official site.

The game is billed as a 2D side-scroller; players control the title character Dokuro, who has to lead a princess through the mazelike tower back to her prince and away from the Dark Lord. Dokuro can transform into two forms: a ghoul form where he can double-jump and navigate through traps and along pathways easily, and a hero form where he can carry the princess away from traps and pitfalls. Players have to use the touch screen and rear touchpad to transform Dokuro.

No release date has been announced yet for this title, though GungHo and Gamearts announced that a demo will be out soon on the PlayStation Network.

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