Raid Temples Against Other Players In Asynchronous Multiplayer Game Phantom Abyss

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Team WIBY have announced a new game called Phantom Abyss. It is an asynchronous multiplayer game where players must navigate procedurally generated temples to obtain secret relics inside. It's a first person game that looks like a cross between Fall Guys and Indiana Jones.

Players are armed with a whip to help themselves get through temples that are filled with traps, chasms, and guardians. Phantoms of other players who met their untimely end in the temples show up, and you can use them to your advantage to see how they died in order to avoid a similar fate. Players can watch up to 20 phantoms, including their own friends on Steam, that have attempted the same temple and also steal their whips as they inevitably fall.

However, you only get one shot to clear the temple. Dying or settling for a lesser relic other than the one at the very end means you will never see this particular temple ever again.

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