Rarest Mass Effect Moments You Might Not Know About

The Mass Effect trilogy is a unique series of games in how your actions during an earlier game can ultimately impact an experience you end up having by the end. These special moments can sometimes have significant consequences, but other times, they're small, warming callbacks to something you did.

Most of the time, these strange or unique outcomes required you to do something either obscure to get or are the result of choices in the past that fall in-between the cracks of the series' morality system. Most players tend to play full-on Paragon or Renegade in their playthroughs of the series, but if you mix and match your answer, you get some pretty intriguing consequences. Below we detail a few of our favorite rare Mass Effect outcomes, which you can still experience in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Keep in mind that, since this covers a lot of narrative setups and unexpected ways they can pay off, it naturally includes lots and lots of spoilers, spanning the entire trilogy.

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