‘Raven’ Star John Cusack On Becoming Poe: There’s An App For That

Actor opens up about the challenges of getting into the tortured mind of Edgar Allan Poe.
By Matt Goodhue, with reporting by Kara Warner

John Cusack in "The Raven"
Photo: Amontillado Productions

It goes without saying that in order to achieve an impressive onscreen performance, an actor must enter into the mind, body, and environment of the character he or she is portraying. While fictionalized characters require imagination and innovation, historical figures depend on research and character study. And few historical individuals are more dark, complex and mysterious than Edgar Allan Poe.

MTV News recently spoke with veteran thespian John Cusack, who portrays the legendary poet and storyteller in the upcoming film "The Raven", and asked what it takes to really enter into the world of such a puzzling man.

"It's like an app, right? Like on your phone, 'Go to Darkness.' You press the Poe app," Cusack joked.

"That's sort of how the psyche works, too, in a way," he clarified. "So, I think you just try to activate it and bring it to life."

So, how did Cusack bring it to life? On top of reading Poe's works and studied his biography, healso tried to tap into his emotions.

"If you think of movies like in a dream language, then there's kind of a dream logic to it," Cusack said. "And then you just follow the feelings. You use the feelings, I think that's what it is."

"The Raven" hits theaters April 27, so fans of Poe and his stories will soon discover how Cusack brings the horror-writer back to life.

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