Reminder: Adam Levine Cleans Up Perfectly (PHOTO)

In case you'd forgotten, Adam Levine is still a total babe.

It's not like you ever thought Maroon 5 frontman and "The Voice" judge Adam Levine wasn't hot (please turn to page THIS and THIS in your textbooks). It's just that when an already stunning man puts on a suit and smizes, the hottness levels tend to shoot through the roof. Then you realize that what you initially thought was "hot" is in fact STUNNING. You know? You know.

Adam Levine was snapped looking totally dapper at the 2012 GQ Gentlemen's Ball held in New York. On personal note, we're all about facial hair on men (TMI?), but we do have to admit that a sans-scruff Adam is looking pretty damn good, too. That's not to say we wouldn't mind if a five o'clock shadow moment went down at some point, but if a scruff-less Adam Levine called us and asked us out on a date, we'd still totally consider it.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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