Resident Evil 6 to sell 7 million

Capcom projecting next survival horror game to become the best seller in company history, topping the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II; DMC to sell 2 million.


Capcom expects Resident Evil 6 to be the best-selling game in company history. The publisher today released presentation materials to go with its quarterly reports, in the process sharing sales expectations for a handful of upcoming games.

The publisher projects that Resident Evil 6 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC will sell 7 million copies worldwide. Currently, Capcom's best-selling title of all time is the Super Nintendo edition of Street Fighter II, which sold 6.3 million copies. The last main entry in the survival horror series, 2009's Resident Evil 5, sold 5.8 million units worldwide, good enough to be the company's second-best-selling game to date.

While nothing else on Capcom's slate of announced titles is expected to be in the same ballpark as Resident Evil 6, the publisher does have a number of games it projects will break the million-sold milestone. The new Devil May Cry game DMC is slated to launch sometime this year, and Capcom has it down to sell 2 million copies. Meanwhile, this month's new intellectual property Dragon's Dogma is expected to hit 1.5 million sold, while next year's Lost Planet 3 is projected to move 1.4 million copies.

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