Review Roundup For Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings the iconic sci-fi RPG series back for modern consoles. The trilogy set includes all three games, almost all of the DLC, visual enhancements and some new balance and quality-of-life changes. The collection releases tomorrow, May 14, and reviews have started to come in just ahead of launch.

Given the sheer size of the games and a short review window, though, many of the impressions so far (including our own) are reviews-in-progress, saving a finalized review for after critics get a chance to complete more of the content. We'll update this roundup as more reviews are finalized.

"[The] first game, in its original form, has definitely aged a lot more than its successors--for the past few years, I've begun advising newcomers to just start with Mass Effect 2, knowing the first game doesn't set the best example by modern-day standards," Jordan Ramée wrote in GameSpot's Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review-in-progress. "The Legendary Edition goes a long way in addressing those concerns. It doesn't overhaul everything, but the remastered Mass Effect 1 is a more enjoyable experience than playing the original game today, and makes for a far more palatable entry point to the series."

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