Rihanna And Britney’s Sad Baths: A Side-By-Side Comparison (PHOTOS)

Both Rihanna and Britney take the saddest of baths.

Rihanna released her "Stay" video this week, and it's a four-minute-long cleansing bath (is four minutes REALLY enough tub time to get clean, by the way? ... I'm a germaphobe, and I digress) and a somber showcase of Rihanna's endless trips to the tattoo parlor, unnervingly raw emotion, and Rihanna's enviable God-given glow, for she is preternaturally lit from within like no other human before her, for truly Rihanna is God's favorite creation, or he wouldn't have made her look so stunning wearing nothing more than running water. It's Rih-diculous.

But while Rihanna's beauty is an island unto itself, she's not alone in the canon of iconic bathtub videos. In 2004, Britney Spears stripped down and slipped into the bath in her dramatic "Everytime" video, in which she either attempted suicide (and/or developed stigmata?), or was injured during a disturbing fight with Stephen Dorff, which ended in the shattering of glass (and his eventual concession to those creepy e-cigarette ads. COME ON, STEPHEN! I SAW "SOMEWHERE"!! YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS). (Another digression -- HOW foretelling was Britney's "Everytime" video? It was so obviously an artistic cry for help and the prediction of her own demise. Why does no one TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS??)

Check out side-by-side photos of Britney and Rihanna's bathtub videos after the jump.

Both Rihanna's "Stay" video and Britney's "Everytime" video are equal parts stunning and sobering, haunting and harrowing, and both feature impossibly famous singers reflecting upon damaged relationships while inviting us into their well-designed bathrooms as they vulnerably perform their ablutions. But the similarities don't stop there -- the videos also look a lot alike with the disrobing! And the crying without the ugliness that defies mortals when crying! And the exhaustion! And the wet weaves hair! See for yourself, and please, bathe carefully and without sorrow.

Image credit: Island Def Jam/ Jive

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