Rihanna In A See-Through Top! Does She Need A Shirt Intervention? (PHOTO)

Rihanna, girl, what are you doing wearing that see-through shirt in New York?!

For those of you who don't have a tally board for these sorts of things, this photo of Rihanna practically naked (kinda) leaving dinner in NYC last night marks her second (almost) topless photo in a week! (She recently tweeted a photo from the set of her upcoming video "Where Have You Been" -- Rihanna has apparently been at a nudist colony or something.)

Sometimes celebs will go out in an outfit and think it looks one way in front of the mirror only to have the flashing bulbs of the paps reveal a full monty situation. But this? This does not look like that was the case. I'm pretty sure Rihanna's actually wearing a mesh shirt, and we all know mesh is reserved for basketball uniforms ONLY.

But it's not like we should be surprised. During a recent vacay, Rihanna shared photos of herself in her swimsuits every chance she got -- it's not like the girl's got body issues. We're just saying we might have to call up Jeff Vanvonderen at some point because she might need some kind of clothing (or lack theirof) intervention.

Photo credit: Splash News

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