Rihanna Is A Gangsta Geisha On The Set Of The ‘Princess Of China’ Video (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is a geisha on the set of the 'Princess Of China' video.

I'll be honest. I've attempted to pull off the geisha look before. But not everyone can. And really, probably not everyone should. (Guess my mom was right -- it just doesn't work with my pasty Jewish coloring.) Also, it's reductive.

Still, Rihanna's looking fierce on the video set of her Coldplay collaboration "Princess Of China." Along with a shot of her flipping fans the bird while wearing what must be the largest fake gold nail in existence (it's under that smiley face), Ri tweeted: "Gangsta goth geisha #thuglife #princessofchina." In addition to that insane nail situation, Ri shows off some killer leg and sports at least two pairs of chopsticks in her hair. In case one wasn't enough! And some severe eyeliner.

See more pics of Rihanna from the "Princess Of China" video set after the jump.

Rihanna shared two more pics from the shoot -- a cool smoking photo (EVEN THOUGH SMOKING IS NOT COOL AT ALL) and a very "my makeup is fly" shot.

So basically, in the span of one day, Rihanna successfully became a thugged-out geisha. What'll she think of next?

Credit all photos: @rihanna

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