Rihanna Is A Living Example That Blondes Actually DO Have More Fun (PHOTO)

Rihanna's a blonde!

Yup, that's Rihanna as a blonde!

If Rihanna's recent "777" documentary proved anything, it's that there's pretty much NEVER a dull moment in her life. And you know what they say: "Blondes have more fun." So maybe that's why Rihanna dyed her hair blonde?!? (We repeat: The above photo is a picture of Rihanna showing off her new golden 'do!) Because apparently crotch grabbing, booty bumping, balloon posing, "leaf" loving, nudity enjoying, and IDGAF-ing just wasn't enough to prove that Ri really is a legitimate good time.

The "Stay" singer shared the photo on Instagram and captioned, "I woke up in a new....weave!" At first we were all, "Ohhh yeah... like people can just wake up with a whole new hair color...PUH-LEASE." But then we realized that this is RIHANNA. She probably does wake up all flawless because that's just how it works for super-talented pop stars (and when you can actually pay people to work on your beauty regimen 24/7). Besides, what better time for a new look and to say "See all this? You get none of it" to her recent ex, Chris Brown, than by tossing up a "Good morning boys, it's a new day and a new me!" photo? Rihanna FTW!

Photo credit: @badgalriri

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