Rihanna Looks (And Is) Smoking In Her Rolling Stone Magazine Outtakes (PHOTOS)

Check out Rihanna's Rolling Stone magazine outtakes.

Rihanna lights up in Terry Richardson's Rolling Stone outtakes.

We totally weren't surprised when we heard Rihanna would be Rolling Stone's Jan. 21 cover girl. It makes sense! Between singing with Sting and Bruno Mars at this Sunday's Grammy Awards AND nabbing three nominations, Rihanna's probably having the best start of 2013 EVER (and she had a pretty decent end to 2012, too). We weren't even that surprised at her decision to talk about her much-publicized reunion with on-again ex Chris Brown in her RS interview either. (To sum it up, Rihanna was all like, "I wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake.") We were pleasantly surprised, however, to see these super-sultry Rolling Stone outtakes shot by everyone's favorite creepy uncle photographer, Terry Richardson, showcasing Rihanna participating in two of her favorite pastimes: posing almost naked in lingerie... and smoking.

Check out more outtakes from Rihanna's Rolling Stone photo shoot after the jump.

Posting a collection of Rolling Stone outtakes on his website, Terry has the "Diamonds" singer naughtily gazing at the camera on a minimalist, all-white set. Posing in a cream-colored onesie and nonchalantly exhaling smoke, Rihanna looks the very picture of chilled out (er, well, we hear special cigarettes help with that) and comfortable. Well, all we can say is at least she resisted the urge to wear a weed-patterned tank top, you know? Because that might've been overkill (you're beautiful, Rihanna, but WE ALREADY KNOW YOU LIKE TO SMOKE). Check out more of Terry Richardson's Rolling Stone photos below!

Check out Rihanna's Rolling Stone magazine outtakes.

Check out Rihanna's Rolling Stone magazine outtakes.

Check out Rihanna's Rolling Stone magazine outtakes.

Photo credit: Rolling Stone/Terry Richardson

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