Rihanna Poses Topless In Esquire UK, Looks Unsurprisingly Smokin’ (PHOTO)

Oh, look! It's another topless Rihanna photo.

We could pretend to be shocked that Rihanna is posing topless in the pages of  Esquire UK, but you and I both know that RiRi is no stranger to some half-nude but (mostly) classy pics. In fact, over the last few months, Rihanna has tweeted out a topless photo from the set of her "Where Have You Been" video and allowed fans to see a bevy of her scantily-clad Hawaiian vacation pix. Rihanna is probably topless in every third photo taken of her -- but then again, why shouldn't she be? Because LOOK.

Check out more topless photos of Rihanna in Esquire UK after the jump. 

Inside the issue, we learn that these photos of Rihanna are actually behind-the-scenes shots taken back in February. In addition to Rihanna wearing a military hat while posing topless, we're also treated to pics of Rihanna in a full on S&M-ready leotard and what looks like Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. (It's actually Ri's crazy expensive Missoni bathrobe. Tough life.)

We won't be able to cop the actual issue until June 4, but we can pretty much guarantee it's gonna be worth the wait. Because more half-naked pictures of Rihanna, duh!

+ Check out more behind-the-scenes photos from Rihanna's Esquire UK shoot

Photo Credit: Melissa Forde

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