Rihanna Posts Personal Vacation Photos, Is Literally Without Flaw (PHOTOS)

For your viewing pleasure: Rihanna in a bikini on vacation.

After looking through 169 Facebook photos of Rihanna's most recent Hawaiian vacation, I can now confirm what most of the world has always suspected: There are literally no bad photos of Rihanna that exist in this universe.

The "Where Have You Been" singer recently shared a personal Facebook album with her fans, and although I'm totally thankful to get a glimpse into the life I'll never have for the overshare, I'm also a little bit devastated: I now know that no matter how many juice cleanses I do, I will never look as bangin' as Rihanna in a bikini! #putdownthatsandwich Ri's latest photo album shows her flaunting a bevvy of skimpy two-pieces. She's wearing bikinis while swimming with sharks, riding on boats, hangin' with horses and performing an impromptu striptease on the beach. She also takes some time out to wear even more bikinis while paddling on a surfboard, checking out a beautiful waterfall, taking her bikini top off at said waterfall and getting photographed basically topless.

In sum, Rihanna will always look hotter than everyone ever, and will probably take way doper vacations than yours. Happy Tuesday.

See more photos from Rihanna's vacation after the jump, and check them all out on Rihanna's Facebook.  

Credit all photos: facebook.com/rihanna

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