Rihanna Posts THE CUTEST Picture Of Herself As A Little Girl (PHOTOS)

Yes, that is a little Rihanna with her grandma. Yes, we are flipping out because of her cuteness!

Rihanna is quite the photogenic girl. But we seriously had NO idea that she could WERQUE a camera that well as a small child! Seriously, it is just UNFAIR how amazing girl looks when she has a lens pointed in her direction. We would be jealz, but we are much bigger than that. (Excuse us while we go to scream in the bathroom.) KIDDING!

See more of Rihanna's found childhood photos after the jump.

The "Diamonds" singer recently uncovered a bunch of photos while visiting her grandfather in Brooklyn and decided to tweet a few of her favorites, like the one above featuring a very young Rihanna and her (recently passed) grandma Dolly, whom she recently tattooed herself in memory of. She tweeted the photo with the caption "Look what I found lol." See, Riri always knew she was cute.

In her Twitter spree, Rihanna revealed newspapers, magazine clippings, and even stuffed animals saved by Grandma Dolly. Clearly, Rihanna's grandma has always supported her (as all grandmas should!). And of course it doesn't hurt that she looked like a total rock star in grade school.

Photo credit: @Rihanna

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