Rihanna Promotes Her New Fragrance ‘Nude’, Appears Nude While Doing So (PHOTO)

Rihanna gets nude for her new fragrance.

Another day, another nude photo of Rihanna. Maybe these are becoming a little commonplace, but no one is complaining -- girlfriend looks supermodel hot every second of her life. If she's cool with us gawking at her, then we totally will.

Rihanna recently tweeted a topless photo from the set of her "Where Have You Been" video and allowed fans to see a bevy of her scantily-clad Hawaiian vacation pics. Now Ri's BFF, Melissa Forde, has tweeted even more naked pics of the singer from the set of her photo shoot for her new fragrance, aptly titled -- wait for it -- "Nude." Rihanna sported some "just hooked up with my boyfriend" hair, minimal makeup, and her naked bod. If that doesn't say "Buy this perfume and bring all the boys to the yard," the we don't know what will. If I buy a case of the stuff and spritz daily, do you think I'll look like Rihanna by the end of the summer? A gal can pray.

Photo credit: Melissa Forde's Instagram
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