Rihanna Wears ONLY A Leather Jacket On The Cover Of GQ (PHOTO)

Surprise! Rihanna's naked again.

Guys, not only is Rihanna on the cover of GQ's December issue, but she's the only woman on the publication’s Men Of The Year list!(?) And the fact that she's basically naked on the cover? That just makes the whole thing SO much better. And yes, we know nakedness is a somewhat controversial topic, but we don't blame Rihanna one bit because DO YOU SEE HER? No, that's not a profesh swimsuit model or a clay figure outlining DaVinci's perfect proportions (or whatever those are called). It's just Rihanna: an IRL human in all her naked glory.

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If you'll recall, Rihanna's been in the nude a lot these past few weeks, posing basically nake-o with Kate Moss on the cover V Magazine and prancing around in her skivvies at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Actually, let us amend our earlier statement: She's been naked a LOT the past few months, posing as a topless marijuana bride after Halloween, wearing a skimpy nude bikini to celebrate the completion of her forthcoming Unapologetic disc, appearing topless in Esquire UKnot wearing a shirt on the set of her "Where Have You Been" video, and finally, wearing only bikinis all the time in Hawaii. But again, do we mind? Nope. And does Rihanna? Absolutely not. In fact, Ri proudly tweeted about it to her Rihanna Navy: "GQ's man of the year?! When will your fave?#histoRih #GQ." We guess the moral here is when you look THAT incredible naked, wearing clothes should should be an afterthought. Well, maybe you should throw on a T-shirt in front of strangers and senior citizens, but other than that, we say flaunt what your mama gave you (hair flip!).

Photo credit: GQ

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