Rihanna Werques Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impression (PHOTO)

Rihanna does her best Marilyn Monroe impression.

For Rihanna, a day off means dressing up and posing like Marilyn Monroe. #Bestlife!!

When she's not busy dominating her "Diamonds World Tour," Rihanna is most definitely up to something else naked awesome! Maybe it's dying her hair blonde, maybe it's crotch grabbing, maybe it's grinding all up on her bestie, or maybe, as is the case with Rihanna's latest Instagram, it's dressing up and posing like Marilyn Monroe! (Also, WE NEED THAT POLKA-DOT COUCH. Just so you know.)

Rihanna shared her Marilyn moment on Instagram, and captioned "Just a casual day at the office #MTFphotomoment." (FYI, "MTF" stands for Melissa Forde, Rihanna's BFF and Marilyn moment photographer). Also, if you've been paying attention in class, you'll remember that this isn't Ri's first time dressing up like a movie icon: The "Stay" singer has already rocked and OWNED her "Audrey Hepburn pearls" moment, not to mention that time she posed like an Old Hollywood starlet just because she could! Now Ri's morphing into Marilyn, which begs the very IMPORTANT question: "Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt"??? We (and Nicki Minaj!) are dying to know.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram

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