Robert Pattinson’s ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Preview shows that 'Twilight' actor is far from Forks in new David Cronenberg flick.
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon in "Cosmopolis"
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One of Robert Pattinson's best career moves was accepting the role of Eric Packer in "Cosmopolis."

It's yet another shift away from the sparkly vampire who dazzles those around him. The role is gritty, sexy and no doubt allowed Pattinson to show off his acting chops. Typecast no more, critics. The "Twilight" actor is getting as far away from Forks as possible.

The David Cronenberg film follows Packer in a futuristic, but not too far off, New York City. As he's chauffeured through Manhattan on his way to get a haircut, he watches as everything falls apart around him. His empire decreases every second, riots take place on the city streets and he figure out clues that lead him to the shocking secret of his impending assassination.

The trailer is chock-full of intense moments, and we've put together the five key scenes.

The Office
As Pattinson's female co-star asks, "Where is your office?" we see a long stretch limo. The vehicle poses as the setting for much of the film with Packer conducting his business and parties in the back. When she continues with "what do you do exactly?" we see a shot of him looking like James Bond in some shades on the sidewalk. This opening scene sets the tone for Packer's character and his downfall — a billionaire who slowly loses control of the world around him.

As different characters enter and exit his limo, the film's story unfolds. As a passerby on the street holds a dead rat up to his window, one of the women inside with Packer tells him, "This is a protest against the future." While it's unclear what the protest is about, as the trailer continues rats are everywhere. More and more protesters wave them around the streets, one man throws them across a diner and one protester even has a giant rat head on his body. We're not sure what it means, but knowing Cronenberg, it most likely deals with symbolism of America's future.

"I Smell Sex All Over You"
If "Twilight" fans haven't yet realized this role is far from their beloved sparkly vampire, they do now. A smug look crosses the usually awkward actor's face after one of his conquests comments, "I smell sex all over you." Packer shrugs. He knows. Throughout the rest of the trailer, we see small clips of various sexual encounters — including one half-naked girl who points a laser gun at his chest.

Grab a Gun
Pattinson's no stranger to action. He's torn evil vampires apart, taken a beating in "Remember Me" and escaped a stampede of wild animals in "Water for Elephants." But in "Cosmopolis," we finally get to see the actor pack some heat. In one scene, Packer kicks open a door and pulls a gun on a person in the room. He's taking back control of a day that started out with a hair appointment and is ending with the wildest ride of his life.

Maybe the Gun Wasn't a Good Idea
There's an array of fast clips at the end, all flashing by in a sequence that could give anyone with epilepsy a seizure. But the one that immediately caught our attention has Pattinson shooting a bullet through his own hand. Yikes. Our palms began aching just watching it. From the looks of this trailer, we probably haven't even seen the worst of it yet.

"Cosmopolis" is scheduled to hit theaters later this year.

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