Scarlet Red PS3 headed to UK, not US

Sony confirms new hardware debuting next month at British retailers, no current plans for launch in North America.

Sony is giving the PlayStation 3 hardware a makeover, but only in the UK. A Sony Computer Entertainment America representative confirmed for GameSpot that the company currently has no plans for a North America release of a Scarlet Red PS3 spotted on British retail sites.

As spotted by Pocket-Lint, the 320GB Scarlet Red model comes packed in with a matching Dual Shock 3 controller and touts a £240 ($385) price tag. That price represents a premium for the fashion-forward gamer, as the standard matte black 320GB PS3 sells on the site for £200 ($320).

When it comes to color options for the PS3, Japan has both North America and Europe beat. In addition to the standard black console, options available to Japanese gamers have included red, white, blue, and silver editions of the standard hardware, as well as various colors of branded, limited-edition systems dedicated to specific games.

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