Selena Gomez And The ‘Spring Breakers’ Cast Strip Down For Interview Magazine (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez and the 'Spring Breakers' cast have fun in bikinis for Interview magazine.

After catching a glimpse of Selena Gomez and the cast of "Spring Breakers" (Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and Vanessa Hudgens) in a bikini-clad shot in Interview magazine, we're gonna be completely honest: We officially don't give an eff about the movie's plot. The film could be 90 minutes of them talking about what they had for breakfast in Auto-Tune, and this photo will still have us in theaters on opening day, which unfortunately isn't until 2013. (UGH! TIME, WHY U TAKE SO LONG SOMETIMES?) Also, it's totally reasonable to be drooling right now -- all the ladies have already celebrated their 18th birthdays, hence, they are ADULTS. #TheMoreYouKnow

We obvs know there's more to the movie than four gorg girls rocking skimpy swimwear, 'cause Selena's been tweeting photos from the set and behind-the-scenes revealing bits of the plot (like getting arrested!) over the last few months. But if we're just judging the film's true essence and tone by the fun the ladies are having in this pic -- we took Film Studies 101 in college --  we can guarantee the flick's gonna be one hell of a "girls gone wild" party. That's a theme we never covered in school but are totally interested in learning more about.

Photo credit: Interview magazine

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