Selena Gomez Is Ready To Take On Valentine’s Day In Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (PHOTO)


Selena Gomez's sunglasses are totally Valentine's Day-ready.

Selena Gomez has had a rocky few months in the romance department. Did she REALLY call it quits with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber? Did The Biebs cheat on her with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin? Did Selena have a quick hookup with her BFF Vanessa Hudgens' ex Josh Hutcherson? Does she have a crush on her (rumored) documentary director, Alfredo Flores? Has she been crying all alone in her giant mansion? Do you feel like you're smack dab in a Taylor Swift song yet?

Selena was snapped rocking a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses in L.A. yesterday, which in our opinion means she's feeling TOTALLY FINE! Because if you're wearing heart-shaped anything with, like, t-minus 24 hours to go until Valentine's Day, that totally means you've still got faith in love! It's kind of the equivalent to actually wearing RED or PINK on Valentine's Day itself (but please don't do that, because YOU KNOW it's tacky). As for us, the only heart-shaped anything we even want to deal with tomorrow is a giant heart-shaped chocolate chunk on a stick, or maybe those amazing Sweethearts Paramore promised to send us. Because as far as we're concerned, the best way to deal with Valentine's Day is to eat your feelings!

+ Celebrate early by watching Selena Gomez's Valentine's Day-appropriate "Love You Like A Love Song" video.

Photo credit: Fame/Flynet

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