Selena Gomez Releases A New Version Of Her ‘Hit The Lights’ Video, We Don’t Really Know What’s Different

Selena Gomez has released a second video for her smash 'Hit the Lights.'

Selena Gomez loves her song "Hit the Lights" so much that she decided to make a second video for it. We're not mad at that one bit, but we do have some questions. In the first version, Selena parties with her friends in random locations and plays with giant yellow balloons. And, ta-da! The second version is... basically the same thing?

Watch Selena Gomez's new "Hit the Lights" video after the jump.

While the second version looks pretty much exactly like the first, we will offer props to Selena who seems to have crunked up the partying a tiny notch. Selena takes her posse to da club, and as her record plays she dances around with her friends and sings, "It's a mad, mad world, gotta make an escape/ It's a perfect world when you go all the way/ Hit the lights, let the music move you." After she's done at the club, Sel and her pals play around with flashlights in the dark and throw paint at each other. Sel also dances around in a giant room full of pink balloons. Because there weren't enough balloons on the first go-around.

In sum, both versions of Selena's "Hit the Lights" video prove that Selena's idea of "fun" is and will always be soooo much more dope than ours. I, too, would always choose to throw paint on my expensive couture clothing if that was an actual option.

+ Watch Selena Gomez's new "Hit the Lights" video.

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