Shrek Skyrocketed Smash Mouth Into A Different World, The Band Says

Memes come and go by the week and even by the day. But even though the years started coming and they didn't stop coming, both the film Shrek and Smash Mouth's megahit All Star have stayed around, working across age groups and demographics. In a new interview, the band talked to Rolling Stone about how the song and its addition to Shrek came about and how it changed the band forever.

All Star was not written for Shrek, but the two are nearly inseparable at this point. That almost didn't happen.

"When DreamWorks came to us, some of us were a little apprehensive," said former Smash Mouth guitarist Greg Camp. "Because once you get your song into a family movie, you merge into this Disney zone. It's like you're out of Warped Tour Land and Credibility Land."

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