Skyrim DLC news teased for tomorrow

Bethesda tells gamers to "be on the lookout" for info on the RPG's first add-on tomorrow; Kinect update for Xbox 360 version launching May 1.


The first day of May is set to be a big one for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans. Bethesda teased this afternoon that news of the first downloadable content for the role-playing game will arrive tomorrow. Additionally, the company confirmed today that the Kinect update for the Xbox 360 version will hit tomorrow.

Last week, Bethesda said news of Skyrim's first DLC was possible for this week. Specifics regarding the mystery content are unknown, but a forum user recently dug into the game's latest patch information and found clues suggesting the DLC will focus on snow elves and add the crossbow weapon.

Gamers may want to manage their expectations for tomorrow's Skyrim DLC announcement. Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines wrote on Twitter today that only a "tidbit" of information regarding the DLC will be shared, "not a complete [download] of info."

As for Skyrim's Kinect update, Bethesda earlier this month revealed that the role-playing game would add Microsoft's voice-recognition technology. At the time, the company said the update would arrive in April, a date it will miss only by one day.

When Kinect compatibility for Skyrim launches tomorrow, it will do so only in English. The French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions of the update are presently in final testing, Bethesda said. A full list of English voice commands for Skyrim are available at Bethesda's website.

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