Skyrim mods downloaded 13.6 million times

Bethesda offers perspective on popularity of PC Steam Workshop offerings for The Elder Scrolls V.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still hasn't seen its first official downloadable content yet, but the game's PC players have taken matters into their own hands to keep Skyrim fresh in the meantime. Bethesda Game Studios today posted on its official Twitter account that the number of Skyrim Steam Workshop downloads has topped 13.6 million.

Those user-made mods were facilitated by the February release of the Skyrim Creation Kit. The freely downloadable program gives gamers access to Bethesda's own development tools to make new Skyrim content and distribute it for free through Valve's Steam service. Some mods simply add weapons and armor to the game, but others allow players to use working fishing nets, kill the ordinarily invincible children in the game, or remove the game's meme-spawning "arrow to the knee" line of dialogue.

For more on Skyrim mods, check out GameSpot's weekly video feature that spotlights the top new game-changers released for Bethesda's open-world role-playing game. Last week's episode (embedded below) featured a flight ring mod, as well as its interaction with another popular user-made tweak to the game.

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