Snoop Dogg Morphs Into Snoop Lion On His Reggae Track, ‘La La La’

Snoop Dogg goes reggae on 'La La La.'

It's pretty obvious Snoop Dogg isn't afraid to try new things. He's done duets with his daughter, he's gone country and now he's doing reggae on his latest single, "La La La." But it's not just one song that's getting the island treatment. Snoop Dogg (with a little help from superstar DJ/producer Diplo) is transforming into Snoop Lion for an entire reggae album called Reincarnated. If I could come back as something different, it would be a bear. I would just eat salmon all day and maybe scare campers. It'd be chill. (Did I veer off track a little bit? Maybe. Back to Snoop.)

Listen to Snoop Lion's "La La La" after the jump.

Snoop sounds natural on the laid-back track, but his message is not as relaxed as the beat. He's quick to tell hypocrites who come at him incorrectly "you reap what you sow." But honestly, we don't know anyone who would approach Snoop that way. Like EVERYONE loves him, even Martha Stewart. So ease up, haters.

It's kind of amazing that it took this long for Snoop to release a reggae album considering his... hobbies. His recent collabo with Ke$ha on his Stoners EP felt like it could have been a perfect opportunity, but what do we know? That's why he's the Doggfather, and we're just pups.

+ Listen to Snoop Lion's "La La La."

Photo credit: Snoop Lion's SoundCloud

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