Snow to be next Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC character

FF XIII series character to be joined by new boss monster as Coliseum Battle opponents and recruitable characters.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 fans in Japan can look forward to fighting against and playing as spiky-haired pugilist Snow and a new centaur creature in the near future. Square Enix recently announced on Famitsu (via Andriasang) that the Snow and Valfodr DLC will be available for download on Japan XBLA and PSN online stores this May 15.

Players will get to play a new episode featuring the Final Fantasy XIII character, as well as find out the origins behind the Coliseum and Snow's mission as a L'Cie agent. Gamers will also need to fight off the monster Valfodr throughout the course of the episode; for every defeat the beast suffers, it gets stronger and will have new weapon, magic, and summoning abilities. According to series director Motomu Toriyama, Valfodr was added in the game to serve as a final boss for the Coliseum.

Once defeated, Snow and Valfodr can serve as monster party members for main characters Serah and Noel. The former is classified as a melee Commando type, while the latter serves as a Ravager type with stats akin to a Commando. Valfodr also can learn spells like Hellflame, Hellspark, Hellstorm, and Hellfreezer.

There is currently no official word on whether the DLC will be made available outside of Japan. For more information on Final Fantasy XIII's other DLC, head to GameSpot's recent coverage.

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