‘Snow White’ Trailer Focuses On Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart Rivalry

Clip show Theron's cold-hearted Queen Ravenna on the hunt for Stewart's sword-wielding Snow White.
By Jocelyn Vena

Kristen Stewart in the "Snow White and the Huntsman" trailer
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"Snow White and the Huntsman" is certainly the antidote to "Mirror Mirror." For every giggle that Julia Roberts throws about in the trailer for "Mirror," Charlize Theron (Queen Ravenna) throws a cold stare and an even colder threat in a new "Show White" trailer released Monday (March 19).

Bathed in dark images and darker themes, this "Snow White" blockbuster focuses on the bloodthirsty queen in her hunt for revenge and eternal power. The key to continue her tyranny and remain the fairest of them all is Snow White's (Kristen Stewart) heart. Enter the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), who has been ordered to get that heart, or else.

With the classical premise laid out, the trailer is full of a sword-wielding, chainmail-clad Snow White, out to use her innate good to destroy the queen's evil. The trailer focuses on the good-versus-evil plot while teasing the film's eye-catching effects and landscapes. Where Ravenna brings destruction, Snow brings light, love and life.

Much of Stewart's role in the trailer relies on her ability to look both tough and vulnerable. "I see what she sees," Stewart's Snow reveals at one point. "I can kill her." The trailer closes with Ravenna pledging, "Let them come," as her evil cackle plays out the trailer.

When Theron and Stewart stopped by the "Today" show Monday (March 19), Theron talked about reviving fairy tales for modern audiences. "I think these stories, thematically, bleed into a lot of stuff that's relevant," she said. "So I'm not shocked that we're having an outbreak of a lot of these kinds of classic fairy tales being retold. There's a way to do them in different worlds, and I think that's the case with this. They were definitely made for very specific audiences and very different audiences."

So, was Stewart shocked by turning "Snow White" into an action film? "It is [an action movie]. It had a reason," she told the "Today" show on Monday. "It never felt like it was a movie where you were just trying to have a strong girl character be badass. You want to join the cause, like any good script you read. I believe in it so much."

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