So Long and Thanks for All the Fish – Dolphins to join HeroClix.

There was a time when my son and I thought there should be animals in HeroClix.  In the set called “DC75″ Beast Boy of the Teen Titans, Doom Patrol and currently being featured on Young Justice, was given 4 forms.  Person, bear, cheetah and T-Rex.

This week WizKids announced that they would revisit the character with 2 new versions.  This time we are getting dolphins and ptyranodons.

Check out WizKids write-up of the various Beast Boy pieces here.

While they share the same cool mechanic with the other 4, being able to switch between the various versions, other HeroClix players are making other plans.  300 point armies of the 5 animal forms.  Armies of dolphins to work with Aquaman and Mera – or Lobo!


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