Solar Eclipse Inspires Silly ‘Twilight’ Tweets

Twilight Tuesday illuminates the funniest Twitter comments about Sunday's eclipse.
By Kara Warner

Solar eclipse in Tokyo, Japan on May 21
Photo: Bloomberg

Because we're still months away from the release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2", there's a considerable lull in the world of "Twilight" news. There's a good chance we'll be reading a few "Twilight"-centric headlines on June 3, the day of our MTV Movie Awards, for which "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" is up for Movie of the Year and Best Kiss, but until then, we're playing a waiting game.

However, just because there's a lack of "Twilight"-themed videos and interviews doesn't mean the very dedicated fanbase stops talking about their favorite franchise. And never underestimate the ability of a "Twilight" fan to bring up the subject in any conversation, particularly when said conversation involves a natural phenomenon that ties into Stephenie Meyer's fantastical world.

Case in point: the recent partial solar and lunar eclipses, which inspired so many witty and sarcastic "Twilight"-related reactions and comments via Twitter that they deserved to be the subject of this week's Twilight Tuesday. Here are some favorite tweets on the subject:

"Twilight fans, I hear if you look at the #eclipse tonight you'll see vampires and werewolves frolicking. Or go blind. Whichever," tweeted the clever person behind the often-quoted The Dark Lord (@Lord_Voldermort7) account, a.k.a. the chief villain of the Harry Potter books/film franchise.

@Alvaradomusic offered some helpful advice to a stranger who lamented missing the opportunity to view the partial covering of the sun: "It's cool...just go rent the latest Twilight movie," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, YouTube star Kingsley (jokingly?) admitted that all the talk about the eclipse led him to a revelation of sorts about the third movie in the franchise. "Everybody was talking about the solar eclipse and I was like 'Oh, that's the image on the 3rd Twilight DVD box,' " he wrote.

Dan Munz wins the award for the best reference commentary because his tweet was creative, involved a visual aid and made a funny pun! "Wow, this eclipse is truly stunning. I can even make out a bit of twilight on the edge."

The eclipse to which he referred was a "Twilight" product tie-in on a pack of Eclipse gum. Like I said, it's punny! A funny pun.

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