Song Premiere: The Company We Keep, ‘The Company She Keeps’

Listen to The Company We Keep's 'The Company She Keeps.'

We're in good company with this one. The Company We Keep is a new project from Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre and MCS tour manager Brian Southall, built around the powerhouse vocals of rookie singer Amy Brennan and Branden Morgan's explosive drumming. The quartet is fresher than gourmet sushi: They just played their first-ever show last Thursday! But on the single "The Company She Keeps," the musicians sound like they've been jamming in basement studios for years, with a dark, energetic sound that lands somewhere between Metric's glossy indie-pop and Motion City Soundtrack's own full-throttle punk.

Listen to The Company We Keep's "The Company She Keeps" after the jump.

Adding to the list of firsts, the new track is the debut entry in the "Making Moves" series, a 7-inch vinyl collection curated by Motion City Soundtrack and released via the band's recently unveiled label, The Boombox Generation, along with Drexel University's MAD Dragon Records. (The singles were all recorded at the Philadelphia college's student studios.) Look for more MCS discoveries to come: Up-and-coming bands Goldrush, The Skies Revolt, Brick + Mortar and A Great Big Pile of Leaves will all be releasing singles in the series, with MCS to contribute as well. Y'know, because they had so much free time after producing and curating a five-band singles series. Dudes are making the Energizer Bunny look bad.

We'll be making room on our vinyl shelves for the whole collection, but there's no need to wait: "The Company She Keeps" has "Making Moves" off and rocking already.

+ Listen to The Company We Keep's "The Company She Keeps."

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