Song Premiere: The Skies Revolt, ‘For Your Health’

Even this three-legged dog can't resist The Skies Revolt's perfectly spastic pop-punk gem.

The Grand Rapids, Mich. quartet The Skies Revolt's forecast may have cleared up a bit a few months ago when they were approached by fellow alt-rockers Motion City Soundtrack. Back in April, we spoke to MCS about their new Making Moves project, which is their cool collaboration with Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Records that's resulted in a carefully curated set of 7-inch single releases by emerging artists. Well, The Skies Revolt, upon the LARGE insistence from their fans to Motion City Soundtrack's Twitter account, finally got their number called. "For Your Health" is the culmination of all that rallying by the band and fans alike, and it was fully worth it.

Listen to The Skies Revolt's "For Your Health" after the jump.

The Skies Revolt infuse post-punk and power-pop with an electronic edge and somehow reign it all into one sound that makes perfect sense. Case in point: the harmonious, moody mélange of ideas blasting through "For Your Health." There are streaks of the grandiosity of Muse, the straightforward power-rocking of Foo Fighters, the happy-brattiness of Matt And Kim, and the drum patterns and electronics of, well, Motion City Soundtrack. It's no wonder they were given a shot at their own edition of Making Moves -- look for the EP to drop on Oct. 23. Despite their doomsday moniker (Mayan calendar end of days, anyone?), the future looks pretty sunny for The Skies Revolt.

+ Listen to The Skies Revolt's "For Your Health."

 Photo credit: The Boombox Generation/MAD Dragon Records

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