Song Premiere: The Used, ‘Kiss It Goodbye’

Listen to The Used's latest Vulnerable single, "Kiss It Goodbye."

As The Used prepare to release their fifth studio album Vulnerable, fans have only had previously released "I Come Alive" and "Now That You're Dead" to bump on repeat over and over. But today we're bringing you the premiere of their latest, "Kiss It Goodbye," and the Utah rock band is coming at us hard.

Listen to The Used's "Kiss It Goodbye" after the jump.

The ubiquitous Used sounds are all there in full effect -- frantic drums, chugging guitars and lead singer Bert McCracken's loud and aggressive vocals. "Kiss It Goodbye" isn't quite as melodic as "I Come Alive," but the subject matter doesn't exactly call for melody: "I break my back bent over/ I dance on broken glass/ I hold my breath half to death/ You can't forget the past." The tension builds steadily until it breaks completely around 2:30 -- then we're treated to a funky, beatbox-y breakdown and you're asking yourself what you just heard. Then you're playing the song again, and the cycle continues.

Produced by John Feldman (the same producer behind the group's first three albums), Vulnerable is set to drop March 26. Kiss the latest single hello below, and check the dudes out on the road for Vans Warped Tour this summer.

+ Listen to The Used, "Kiss It Goodbye."

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