Splash Damage goes free-to-play

Developer launches new publisher Warchest to focus on free-to-play games on iOS, PC, and console; first release RAD Soldiers will hit iOS this June.


Splash Damage, developer of squad-based shooter Brink, is delving into the world of free-to-play games with the launch of a new publisher called Warchest. Sitting alongside the existing Splash Damage development studio, Warchest is working on bringing a range of free, digitally distributed AAA titles to iOS, PC, and console.

The first title to emerge from the publisher will be the Splash Damage-developed RAD Soldiers, a turn-based multiplayer strategy game for iOS due for release this June. Set in London, RAD Soldiers sees you assembling a squad of collectible mercenaries with customisable weapons, outfits, and abilities, which you take to the battlefield online, or offline against AI opponents.

Coins that you earn while you play are used to unlock brand-new soldiers, customisation options, and equipment in the in-game store. RAD Soldiers will also make use of Game Center and Facebook to set up its asynchronous multiplayer matches.

The move to self-publishing is a departure for Splash Damage, which has traditionally worked with third-party publishers to release its games. It cites lower overhead--the lack of manufacturing, physical distribution, and retail partnerships--as reasons for the move, though it's traditional paid-for console and PC titles will still see release by a third party.

Splash Damage joins the likes of developers Crytek, Bungie, Criterion, and Epic, who have branched out into mobile development with titles such as Fibble, Crimson Steam Pirates, and Infinity Blade.

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