Square Enix releases Star Burial Dragnir for iOS

Role-playing game now available on Japanese iTunes store; no confirmation on North American release.

Square Enix has released a new role-playing game exclusively for the iOS platform in Japan. The game is called Star Burial Dragnir, and it is available now on the Japanese iTunes store online. Players control a dragon knight called Alan Rolan, who has to save the world of Iglen by using his newly acquired pet dragon called Murasame. Rather than use standard battle commands, players will need to select options to help influence Murasame's fighting strategies.

The game was developed in collaboration with Witchcraft Inc., a development studio run by former Wild Arms creator Akifumi Kaneko. While the first chapter of the game is free, the remaining four chapters are available for purchase for 600 yen ($8) each. The full game costs 1,800 yen ($23).

There is no word from Square Enix on whether there will be a North American release for the iOS title.

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