Stadia Exclusive Outcasters No Longer Published By Google

Stadia exclusive Outcasters is still a Stadia exclusive, but it's no longer published by Google. Stadia players received a strange email a few days ago informing them of the change, stating that Outcasters is now published by Warchest, the publishing arm of Outcasters developer Splash Damage.

"Starting on 31 May 2021, the publisher of Outcasters will change from Google LLC to Warchest Ltd. and the Warchest Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will apply," the email reads. "Please take a look at both documents. Nothing else is changing--you can still play the game on Stadia just like before."

While this move hasn't yet had an impact on Stadia customers, it's an unusual step in the world of games, where publishers typically fight to hold onto valuable intellectual property. Then again, it's not exactly surprising to Stadia observers, since Google as a company has moved away from the streaming service in recent months.

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