Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Shares A Dirty Photo (Literally)

Adam Lambert gets dirty in a recent photo.

We LOVE everything Adam Lambert, like how his hair totally defies gravity and how his falsetto could take down Celine Dion's in a heartbeat. We're even obsessed with everything he's obsessed with (well, we are now)! So it's killing us not to be 100 percent on board with what's happening in this postapocalyptic-Dust Bowl-IDGAF ensemble he's sporting in a recent photo. What's with all the dirt, guys?

Adam tweeted the dirty pic along with the caption, "rebels on the run. 'It only gets better if we want it to.'" While we're not sure what the beginning of the caption really means (we can only imagine it's something about rebelling against clean laundry), we've listened to Adam's "Never Close Our Eyes" enough to know the last part of the caption is a lyric from the song. So we're guessing the pic was snapped on the set of the new video for the newest Tresspassing single. (Adam recently tweeted that they're currently filming it.) Either that or Adam's attempting to make dirt the next big accessory trend. Hey, we live in a world where Lady Gaga constantly wears outfits made of hair -- (apparently) anything can be can fashion.

Photo credit: @adamlambert

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