Star Spotting: Beyonce And Blue Ivy Out In NYC, We Can’t Stop Awwing! (PHOTOS)

Beyoncé holds Blue Ivy -- TOO MUCH CUTE TO HANDLE!

It's a rare occurrence when Beyoncé offers the world a peek at Blue Ivy. And judging by the few shots we've seen (including this most recent pic), it's pretty safe to say that getting work as a baby model is gonna be tough for the next few years. Blue Ivy's pretty much got every Pampers/Gerber gig in the bag. I mean, LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE IS!!! Those chubby little arms and curly hair -- we can't stop uncontrollably cooing and peek-a-booing, guys! BRB, gonna go pinch my cat's cheeks to get this out of my system. (That won't go so well, judging by how it went last time.)

See more of Beyoncé and adorable baby Blue Ivy after the jump!

Beyoncé carries Blue Ivy under a blanket in New York City.

It's so easy to forget that when the "Love On Top" singer isn't writing letters to Michelle Obama, poems to Frank Ocean, and double dating with Kim and Kanye, she's busy being an amazing mom! Just look how Bey snuggled with her little one while being photographed in New York City. More important, let's all look at Blue's itsy-bitsy feet and awww together for the next 15 minutes!

We're mostly confused as to why CNN wasn't covering this moment live. It's not every day that we get to witness the world's (official!) most beautiful woman carrying one of the world's (official in our book) most adorable babies. Having all of this flawless beauty in one place is real breaking news, people.

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