Star Spotting: Beyonce Serves Face And Her Giant Wedding Ring

Beyoncé and her giant wedding ring in NYC

Like we needed another reason to be jealous of Beyoncé. Not only is the "Love On Top" singer a new mom to the most famous baby in the world, Blue Ivy, but this is what her "candid" photos look like. I KNOW. Most unfair thing ever. Beyoncé was on the way to her office in Manhattan yesterday (with her little baby girl under that blanket) and the paps caught her looking a little flustered. When I'm flustered, I look like the girl in "The Exorcist." But alas, Beyoncé is perfection personified.

Also, THAT RING. My question isn't where Jay-Z found it, because we all know that dude is hella connected. My question is what kind of finger exercises is Beyoncé doing to keep her hand from exhaustion. Carrying around a 20-pound diamond all the time has got to be pretty taxing. (And also the definition of #firstworldproblems.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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