Star Spotting: Beyonce Texts And Walks At The Same Time, Really Is Perfect

Beyoncé texts and walks at the same time, remains flaw free.

Is there anything Beyoncé can't do? The newly named "World's Most Beautiful Woman" (not too shabby) was caught by the paps texting and walking at the same time in NYC recently, but the amazing part is that she was also smiling. Whenever I'm texting and walking at the same time, I'm narrowly avoiding poles (or the ends of piers like this poor woman), and I'm constantly frowning because auto correct! It's like, really frustrating. (Also known as #firstworldproblems.)

Do you guys think Beyoncé would be one of those new moms who flood your Facebook newsfeed with photos of Blue Ivy? And new mom questions like, "Hey mom friends, wondering which toy aquarium is best for Blue's crib. I don't want it to keep her awake. Any recos??!?! Thx!!!1!!!" NO. Beyoncé would not do this, because Beyoncé is the epitome of COOL. Instead, she'd post professional photos of Blue on her Tumblr in between her gorg vacay shots. Not that I'm harping on my mom friends (I am), but we could all learn something from (the imaginary Facebook behavior of) Beyoncé.

Photo credit: Splash News

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