Star Spotting: Bikini Alert! Selena Gomez Looks Smokin’

Selena Gomez shows off that boom boom pow on the set of "Spring Breakers."

Another day, another photo of Selena Gomez in a bikini on the set of her upcoming film "Spring Breakers." Not like we mind at all -- it's yet another reminder that I probably don't need that five-dollar footlong for lunch after all. Plain romaine it is! Also, those shades. I want 'em! And that lip gloss. And basically Selena's entire look and life situation. But moving on...

Selena has been on location with actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida shooting "Spring Breakers" for a few weeks, and all the photos we've seen from the set look like an actual spring break. Bathing suits, sunglasses and mysterious plastic cups filled with what we're sure is just water or juice. Ahh, reminds me of my youth -- but replace Florida with the Wisconsin Dells and plastic party cups with allergy medication. PARTY! SPRING BREAK, WOO!

Photo credit: Splash News

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