Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera’s Cee Lo Mask Is Almost As Good As Her Hair (PHOTOS)

We want to hear Christina Aguilera's impression of Cee Lo, like now!

We always knew Christina Aguilera loved her fellow judges on "The Voice," but now she's taken things to an entirely new level by commissioning photo-realistic face masks of judges Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton! OK fine, so maybe we're not being entirely honest because in actuality, the masks were just a prop for a game Matt Lauer and Christina played when she dropped by the set of "Today," but we think she probably would have made them on her own sooner or later, right? Right. Also, CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S EXCELLENT DIP-DYED HAIR, Y'ALL!

See more of Christina Aguilera's face puppets from "The Voice" after the jump.

The "Blank Page" singer stopped by "Today" to discuss her forthcoming Lotus album and play a game where she sat in her "The Voice" chair and guessed which one of her co-judges said what! Truthfully, it was kinda bizarre, but the most important thing is now you're able to enjoy this stunning photo of Christina holding a Blake and/or Cee Lo face puppet! Because when did you ever think that scenario would present itself? Also, just a note to the people over at "The Voice": If these Cee Lo masks were say, sold online, I absolutely might consider purchasing one.

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