Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Delivers Pizza To Fans, We’re In (Even More) Love With Her

Demi Lovato delivers pizza to fans in Brazil!

Let's take a moment to thank technology/ our eyes/  the universe for allowing us to experience this phenom photograph of our two most favorite things in the world IN THE SAME PLACE: Demi Lovato and pizza! Also, hey pizza delivery joints, here's a solid business model: Instead of adding cheeseburgers and chicken fingers to spice up your pies, just tell your customers that Demi's your new delivery driver. We guarantee that would rake in the dough.

The "Give Your Heart A Break" singer may be a guest as she tours through South America, but she knows better than to show up to a party empty-handed -- so she brought the 'za! Demi tweeted a pic of her generous snack and the caption "My Sao Paulo fans waited outside my show forever... so I got them these pizzas!! Love you guys!!!" Girl is SO SWEET and supersmart -- she knows the way to her gazillions of fans' hearts is through their stomachs! Besides, we honestly can't think of a tastier way to offer apologies than the infamous U.S. culinary staple. (Unless she served up some Dippin' Dots -- those things are so damn good.)

Photo credit: @ddlovato

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