Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Does A Beauty Pageant Wave In London! (PHOTO)

Even while being bombarded by fans, Demi Lovato is a professional waver in London!

To all future pageant wavers: Study Demi Lovato's accordingly.

If you ever become famous, there are a few things you're required to do. First, accept any and all free designer clothing that might come your way. Second, if you win an award, attempt to master the difficult yet necessary Taylor Swift surprised face. Third, and perhaps most important, LEARN THE BEAUTY PAGEANT WAVE! You know, the one that all Miss America Pageant contestants (and Louis Tomlinson, oddly!?) rock professionally. Just follow Demi Lovato's lead! And LOOK AT THAT FORM! Can anyone say #composure?

Demi and her perfect wave (and bangin' new blonde hair) were snapped yesterday out and about in London. After seeing this pic, we also can't help but give the "X Factor" judge a few extra points, because did you know that she pulled out this graceful wave while being bombarded by a hoard of obsessed Lovatics?! (Kind of like that time she was accosted at LAX, but a little more intense!) I mean, it's one thing to whip out the wave at a casual press conference, but it's QUITE another to stay THAT composed while being being rushed by fans. Also, if that wave doesn't say this gal was "Made In The USA," then we don't know what does! That ish is all-American, baby.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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