Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Goes Grunge, Ends Up Looking EXACTLY Like Lady Gaga (PHOTO)

Do our eyes deceive us?! Demi Lovato is Lady Gaga's doppelgänger!

Demi Lovato's a master of looking FOINE in anything, but we're REALLY inspired by this photo of her in some serious '90s-friendly flannel! (Yo Jared Leto, what do you think about retooling "My So Called Life" and making Demi the new Angela Chase -- you down?!) Plus we think Demi's looking very similar to one of our favorite little monsters...

The "Skyscraper" singer recently shared her alt look on Twitter along with the caption: "In Seattle, rocking a flannel and listening to Nirvana." While we know she's in the Northwest (aka grunge's birthplace and home to some AH-MAZING coffee) on the next leg of her tour, we can't help but hope she's soaking in all kinds of inspiration for her next album AND 2012 MTV VMA performance.

We LOVE that Demi can give a solid headbang and has so easily mastered looking EXACTLY like a Lady Gaga twin (straight down to the bleach blonde hair, funky circle glasses, and bold lipstick, as MTV Style carefully explains), but we'd be so deaded if she hit the stage and DOMINATED with a "Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Give Your Heart A Break"/"Born This Way" mashup! It's the VMAs... anything can happen.

Photo credit: @ddlovato/Getty Images

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