Star Spotting: Demi Lovato’s Bum Leg Won’t Stop Her From Singing! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato is still recording in the studio, despite a broken leg.

Demi Lovato records through the pain! #TROOPER

Um, Demi Lovato is a trooper! Because even with a bum leg, she found a way to record some new tunes. (Cue the obligatory "the show must go on!" reference.) Also, it's probably time for a quick panic about NEW DEMI MUSIC because, NEW DEMI MUSIC! Glad that's done. Although we can't IMAGINE how Demi could have hurt herself so badly just from slipping on a newly polished floor, judging by this photo she tweeted, it's definitely effed up enough to prevent her from rocking some spiked Louboutin heels any time soon.

And yes, while having a hurt leg is definitely the pits, it's not like the "X Factor" judge has a vocal fold granuloma (that's code for: you cannot sing for a very long time), so what'd she do? Demi threw her leg up on a chair like a pro, bolstered the wound with ice packs, and sang her pretty little heart out. And there was no complaining either, because all Demi had to say about the situation was this: "Nothing stops me from the studio!!!" Can we get an "AMEN?!" After all, didn't Kanye West record "Through The Wire" with his jaw wired shut? Why yes, yes he did. Some pop stars JUST. CAN'T. STOP.

Photo credit: @ddlovato

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