Star Spotting: Despite Being Super Famous, The Wanted’s Max George Is Perfectly Capable Of Wheeling His Own Suitcase (PHOTO)

Max George of The Wanted wheels his own suitcase in London.

The Wanted's Max George: Male Supermodel, Pop Star, Own-Suitcase-Roller.

We always figured that once you reach a certain degree of fame (or beauty), you stop having to do the normal, annoying life stuff that regular people have to do. (Mainly: figuring out how to fill out your tax forms or working out how to book a flight using miles... because those tasks take 10 hours and are the most aggravating things on the planet.) That said, The Wanted's Max George has absolutely reached the epitome of both hotness and famous-ness (you don't possibly date Lindsay Lohan if you're not at the top of your game), yet the dude still wheels his own damn luggage. And manages to look like a full-blown male model while doing so, even further enunciating our initial thoughts that Max is totally down-to-earth and awesome.

Max, his awesome outfit, and his awesome x 1,000,000 face were snapped in and around London earlier today. Maybe, we just have these grandiose visions of fame or something, but we're also, how shall we say this, SHOCKED that Max's suitcase is like, a normal one you might see at the mall and not some custom, gold-leaf encrusted Goyard creation given to the boys as a "congrats!" present for landing a brand-new E! reality show. But maybe we're just projecting. If we were famous, we'd be broke in a month.

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